Professional development

YGM CEO & Principal Consultant, Jason E. Ebey, IOM, leads professional development seminars around the country, both in person and in a virtual environment. If you are interested in a seminar with Jason (one of the ones listed below or one which could answer questions you and your chamber are having), please contact us via the contact form.


  • Total Resource Campaigns: What Are They?



  • 60 Sponsorships Ideas in 60 Minutes
  • Creating Sponsorships Your Members Will Compete Over
  • Developing Strategic Sponsorships | Why Sponsor



  • Small Chamber, Big Impact
  • Finding Hidden Money
  • Finding Hidden Money: Into the Weeds
  • Making Your Golf Tournament Above Par
  • Dynamic Networking Programs



  • Engaging Volunteers: You Get More when You Give More



  • Expect the Unexpected: Chamber Programming Reality Check
  • Sponsorships & Social Distancing: How to Repackage Benefits in the Age of COVID-19

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