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YGM CEO & Principal Consultant, Jason E. Ebey, IOM, leads professional development seminars around the country, both in person and in a virtual environment. If you are interested in a seminar with Jason (one of the ones listed below or one which could answer questions you and your chamber are having), please contact us via the contact form.


Total Resource Campaigns: What Are They?

Total Resource Campaigns can increase your chamber’s non-dues revenue 200-800%. From leadership and program development, to financial resources, and volunteer involvement, a total resource campaign can be the recipe for your success.  Learn how these programs can breathe new life into your programs and increase the involvement of your members in your chamber activities, and increase your revenue.


60 Sponsorships Ideas in 60 Minutes

Come ready to share your creative ideas on revenue generation, engagement, communications, etc. 

Creating Sponsorships Your Members Will Compete Over

As things in the business world continue to be tenuous, there is greater competition for your sponsors’ dollars. One of the best ways to lure them to your chamber or organization is to make sure you have the best sponsor recognition program around. Not only do sponsors want the benefits they have always been given, but they want more. This session will give you specific examples of how you can give your current sponsorship benefits the pizazz sponsors want. 

Developing Strategic Sponsorships | Why Sponsor

If this pandemic year has taught us anything, it’s that we both need a plan and the ability to execute that plan in a flexible manner. Do you plan for your chamber’s sponsorship success? If you aren’t reviewing your sponsorships and your strategic plan together every year, you’re missing an opportunity to plan for greater success.  Discover ways to develop a non-dues revenue portfolio your members will see as an investment – in their businesses, the chamber, and the community.


Small Chamber, Big Impact

No matter what has been said before the truth remains small chambers are extraordinary different than large chambers.  This interactive session will use real, tactical examples to assist the staff professionals of small chambers in identifying opportunities to create organizational relevancy, funding programs, and leadership development.

Finding Hidden Money

For years, chambers have attempted to capitalized on the ever-changing nuances of social media and have strategized how to use those platforms for financial gain, both for the chambers and their members. As chambers apply proven chamber of commerce principles to their presence on Facebook, they will be able to access the potential to generate revenue development in the tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorships.  More than just revenue generation, these tips and processes show how chambers can influence their communities-at-large with organic #ShopLocal endeavors, create segmentation of their members, and widen their organization’s network reach.

Finding Hidden Money: Into the Weeds

After attending the ‘Finding Hidden Money’ plenary session, you may have questions about the details and specifics of setting up your groups and monetizing them. This session provide both technical information and the additional theoretical information needed to begin pricing your own group sponsorships. We will dive into the specifics of a group versus a page, how to establish rules for your group members and their conduct, how to gather followers, and how to engage those followers. Bring your questions!

Making Your Golf Tournament Above Par

In a time when most in-person gatherings are limited and regulated, golf tournaments are finding a renewed interest and demand.  Use this opportunity to position your Chamber’s golf outing as the “do not miss” networking event in your community . . . and increase your sponsorships dramatically while you are at it.  Join us as we take a deep-dive into your tournament pricing, style, and sponsorship levels/benefits.

Dynamic Networking Programs

Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to change portions of your Chamber programming?  Many Chambers would agree that pre-COVID their networking events were bland and stale.  With pent up demand to get together, now is the time to plan dynamic networking programs that members will look forward to but will also penetrate a deeper engagement with those members, even the ones who don’t typically attend your networking events.  Join us as we discuss different Business After Hours models, Cash Mobs and Sign Wars. 


Engaging Volunteers: You Get More when You Give More

Volunteers and your engagement with them will determine the success of your Chamber. Volunteer motivation and engagement cannot be limited to a single – or even multiple – checklists. Learn how to determine what motivates your volunteers and how to create incentives that work alongside their motivation. 


Expect the Unexpected: Chamber Programming Reality Check

In a matter of a few days, the Chamber model of programming, events, and sponsorships went out the window. COVID has provided us the opportunity to strategically review our resource alignment and prepare for post-COVID sponsorships. Chamber professionals have the freedom to morph some of your current repetitive programming into sustainable new initiatives. We’ll view some real, tactical examples.

Sponsorships & Social Distancing: How to Repackage Benefits in the Age of COVID-19

STOP. . . Do not move all your programming cancelled by COVID-19 to the end of the year. Your Chamber can still provide value to current sponsors and identify some unique opportunities for new sponsorships for the remainder of the year.  A strategic review of your schedule and the financial impacts to the Chamber’s bottom line is needed to mitigate COVID-19’s effects on your Chamber.

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