Meet the YGM Team

For more than 20 years, YGM has been partnering with chambers of commerce to conduct Total Resource Campaigns. YGM is the only consultant group providing both expert consulting and a unique Online System to track your success.

A Total Resource Campaign (TRC) is a tool to implement and affect a chamber’s strategic plan wrapped in a sponsorship drive.

Throughout the process of a YGM Total Resource Campaign, our focus is to provide chambers of commerce and organizations (and their professional staff) with tangible, hands-on assistance to navigate the internal mechanics of this powerful program. YGM provides unparalleled service behind the scenes both through interaction with YGM staff and with an unmatched Online System.

Jason E. Ebey, IOM

Jason E. Ebey, IOM

Principal Consultant / CEO

Jason E. Ebey, IOM, has a passion for chambers of commerce and has been leading chambers in various capacities for more than two decades. He believes in the positive power and influence chambers can have in their communities.

Jason has been with YGM for nearly a decade and has served as CEO and principal consultant since becoming the sole owner of YGM in 2015. Because of his work with chambers across the country, he has the pulse of changing trends in chamber management and fundraising.

He understands the needs of chambers and their member businesses. His knowledge base easily translates into moving groups of new volunteers from novices to dedicated chamber advocates. Jason is able to provide chambers with innovative approaches to fundraising and how to move toward greater non-dues revenue, the likes of which many chambers have never seen before.

An energetic and engaging speaker, Jason is known for workshops and webinars in which participants gain take-aways which may be implemented in their chambers and organizations immediately. Jason is on faculty with the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management (IOM) and is a frequent presenter with the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) and multiple state associations. He is widely recognized as a speaker with a heart for chamber professionals.

When not working, Jason enjoys navigating life with his wife, Brittany, and their four children: Rylie, Kate, Abbey, and Barrett.

Michele Trice

Michele Trice

Director of Engagement

Michele Trice has been in the communications field for more than two decades – writing and designing a host of print and digital pieces. She has worked in the non-profit and corporate realms and understands evolving communication and marketing strategies.

She is well-versed in social media platforms, websites, written and visual communication, and how to best combine these media in order to engage audiences. Michele has worked with YGM on a part-time basis for several years and joined YGM in a permanent capacity in 2020.

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