Tips for Chambers Moving to Remote Work Flows

As more chambers close their offices and move to remote work flows, it will take some time to adjust to the newness of telecommuting. We are here to help with some tips to get everyone started on how to make the best of this new situation. Communicate! We’re assuming you’ve let your member businesses and […]

Help your Chambers deal with information overload

Part of what we do at YGM is monitor various things (we’re nicer than the hall monitors of your childhood, but we’ve still got our eyes on the pulse of what’s happening). We monitor your chamber social media accounts. We monitor your event advertising to view your sponsorship benefits.  We monitor your balance of “event […]

TRC as a Strategic Plan

“We have a strategic plan. It’s called ‘doing things.’” – Herb Kelleher No offense to Mr. Kelleher, known to many in the business world as an American icon, most businesses (and chambers alike) need a more structured plan than simply ‘doing things.’ As we move forward, chambers are going to want more initiative-based programming rather […]

The Best Engagement Plans Start Close to Home

If you have been involved in a Total Resource Campaign with YGM, then you know that we talk a lot about engagement.  Everyone in the chamber world (the business world in general) knows that we all work with and engage with a wide arrange of people and constituent groups. And while the benefits of this are […]

Spooky suggestions for your Chamber this Halloween

It’s finally Fall, y’all. It’s the time of pumpkin spice everything and jackets and Halloween decorations. It’s also the perfect time to start planning how to make the scary (or not-so-scary) holiday work for you and your Chamber. We have two ideas to share with you, one which focuses on your volunteers and one which […]

60 (actually 45) sponsorship ideas for your Chamber

We hope all of you who attended the ACCE annual convention were at the 60 Sponsorship Ideas in 60 Minutes session we sponsored. I know it’s likely been a whirlwind since you returned home, so we’ve gathered together a list of the ideas that were presented at the session. As always, take the ones of […]

What’s Your Perception?

Perception.  So much of the way each of our lives are arranged is based upon perception – our perception of the world around us, our perception of ourselves, the perception of the people around us. Perception, though, is not always reality. That’s why you rarely see the ‘real life’ of anyone through the photos on […]

Earth Day Community Opportunities

We are always thinking about ways that our clients can make a difference for their members and their communities. We love it when we have ideas that allow chambers to do both at once.  Earth Day on April 22 allows chambers so many opportunities to think creatively about ways to bring members and communities together […]

Support Your Local Teachers

One of my greatest joys in working with YGM clients is the sheer joy and “aha” moments from chamber executives when I’m able to share new, innovative programs and events with them.  The brainstorming sessions of sponsorship inventory are some of my most enjoyable moments with Chambers. Some new sponsorship opportunities are discovered in the […]

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