What’s Your Perception?

Perception.  So much of the way each of our lives are arranged is based upon perception – our perception of the world around us, our perception of ourselves, the perception of the people around us. Perception, though, is not always reality. That’s why you rarely see the ‘real life’ of anyone through the photos on […]

Earth Day Community Opportunities

We are always thinking about ways that our clients can make a difference for their members and their communities. We love it when we have ideas that allow chambers to do both at once.  Earth Day on April 22 allows chambers so many opportunities to think creatively about ways to bring members and communities together […]

Support Your Local Teachers

One of my greatest joys in working with YGM clients is the sheer joy and “aha” moments from chamber executives when I’m able to share new, innovative programs and events with them.  The brainstorming sessions of sponsorship inventory are some of my most enjoyable moments with Chambers. Some new sponsorship opportunities are discovered in the […]

Give Motivated Volunteers a Chance

Do your Vice Chairs or Team Captains ever ask what type of people make the best volunteers? As expected, we have tips of all sorts, but sometimes the best tip is to remind your Vice Chairs and Team Captains that anyone with a wide range of business contacts can succeed in a Total Resource Campaign. […]

Who is the Best TRC Chair for your Campaign?

If you have ever conducted a Total Resource Campaign, you know that in many ways, they become synonymous with their chairs. When I begin to discuss a TRC with a Chamber and to strategize for it, thinking of who would be an ideal chair is one of the first things we bring into focus. As […]

It’s never too late to keep your resolutions

It’s now early February, and we are well into 2018. When you and your staff began planning 2018 last year, did you approach it with a wish list of desired accomplishments? Did you and your Board conduct strategic planning meetings and lay out a plan for what you hoped 2018 would bring? Now that January […]

Get Creative with your Team Motivation

We talk a lot about how important it is to motivate our volunteers, both during the Total Resource Campaign and following the campaign. But it can be challenging to find ways to motivate those volunteers. Finding creative ways can be even more challenging. Even if it sounds cheesy – or worse, lazy – take the […]

There’s A Sponsorship for Everyone

I said recently that sponsorships have a lot in common with Psychology 101 and Maslow’s Hierarchy. Because that is true, it is also true that not all sponsorships are equal. Provide Equal Opportunities While all sponsorships are not of the same value, you do want all of your possible sponsors to be able to find […]

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