2020 has thrown the biggest curveball imaginable in my chamber career. None of us could have ever dreamed just how differently this year would look from what we had planned. These past six months have taught us so much about our strengths leading our community through uncertain times; and I can say with 100% confidence that I have never been more excited about what’s in store for our Chamber and our community.

In planning for the future of our organization, we knew we had a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the positive momentum and new-found social capital garnered through our leading role through the pandemic. We partnered with Jason and YGM because we believe that the powerful tool of the TRC would not only help us grow revenue and maximize monetization of much of our non-event work we’re already doing, but also provide a proven and effective budgeting tool to ensure that we spend our time and resources on what our members value most.

Position: President & CEO
Company Name: Robins Regional (GA) Chamber