In a matter of a few days, the chamber model of programming, events, and sponsorships went out the window. COVID-19 has provided chamber executives the opportunity to strategically review resource alignment and to prepare for post-COVID-19 sponsorships. Chamber professionals have the freedom to morph some of their current repetitive programming into sustainable new initiatives.

This seminar will cover three distinct topics:

  • How do you find sponsorship dollars in unexpected places?
  • How do you replace underperforming, repetitive programming?
  • What should 2021 and post-COVID-19 sponsorships look like?

This seminar will offer three distinct outcomes:

  • Specific sponsorship ideas developed during the 2020 COVID-19 year
  • Detailed examples of financially profitable, fresh initiatives
  • Forecast of the 2021 calendar and post-COVID-19 sponsorship options.

This seminar has been given multiple times in during 2020 and early 2021.