For years, chambers have attempted to capitalize on the ever-changing nuances of social media and have strategized how to use those platforms for financial gain, both for the chamber and its members. As chambers apply proven chamber of commerce principles to their present on Facebook, they will be able to access the potential to generate revenue development in the tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorships. More than just revenue generation, these tips and processes show how chambers can influence their communities at large with organic #ShopLocal endeavors, by creating segmentation of their members, and by widening their organization’s network reach.

This seminar will cover three distinct topics:

  • How to create Facebook groups that your sponsors are passionate about accessing
  • How to increase revenue development for your chamber via social media
  • How to diversify non-dues revenue utilizing segmentation

This seminar will offer three unique outcomes:

  • Detailed social media road map to assist with creating a sponsor-desired Facebook group
  • Specific Facebook sponsorship ideas
  • Group segmentation examples to actively engage chamber members